Keep cool with a Koolabanda cooling scarf

Possibly the best cooling scarf on the market and ready to wear in 90 seconds

A Koolabanda Cooling Scarf (sometimes called a Bandana) is made with the highest quality polymers and material to keep you cool time and time again. Faster cooling time than all the other cooling scarves on the market.

Available in a range of smart colours with a gentle persistent cooling effect and no water trickling down your back. They are quick to soak and very light weight. You’ll hardly know your wearing one!

Ideal for sport, holidays, workplace and for medical conditions where you experience hot flushes and heat stress.
Staying cool with a koolabanda cooling scarf to stay cool in the greenhouse

Two types of Koolabanda are available and a range of new colours – check out our special offers in the shop.

  • New Quick-Release (90 seconds inflation) – 100% polyester material
  • Original (4-5 minutes inflation) – 35% cotton/65% polyester material


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Koolabanda heat relief cooling scarfFind out why Koolabanda is the best cooling scarf around and buy your cooling scarf online now.



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