Koolabanda cooling scarves – keeping MS suffers cool

ThermometerIf you suffer from Multiple Sclerosis then you know that your symptoms can be made worse by the heat. In demyelinated nerve fibres, heat slows down or even stops the electric current, exacerbating your symptoms and your discomfort. This is not just a summer problem either, throughout the year overheating can be caused by excessively hot rooms or humidity. Many Multiple Sclerosis support organisations suggest that keeping cool plays an important part in managing your MS symptoms. In fact, according to the Multiple Sclerosis resource centre (www.mstrust.org.uk), just lowering your core body temperature by one degree F can greatly affect what you can or can’t do. They suggest that cooling can improve symptoms such as fatigue, dexterity, mobility, balance and cognitive function. They quote research from a clinical nurse in New Jersey who has been observing the effects of cooling. She says that “Cooling devices appear to provide an increased sense of well being to some people with MS. Those who benefited experienced measurable increases in grip strength and walking speed. All those taking part reported feelings of increased weakness once the effects of the cooling wore off.

Our Koolabanda cooling scarf works in conjunction with your body’s natural cooling system and can help you cool down faster and stay cool for longer, perfect for helping you manage your MS symptoms. Our scarf is easy to use and comfortable so why not buy a cooling scarf now and Koolabanda will help you keep cool!

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