Hot, bothered and pregnant?

A pregnant woman’s core body temperature may be almost a degree warmer than that of a woman who is not pregnant. The temperature rise is perfectly normal, and it happens because pregnancy requires dramatic changes in blood flow. In fact, by the time a woman is near term in her pregnancy, the blood flow through her uterine artery has tripled in volume. The extra blood flow boosts body metabolism and creates more body heat.

Increased blood flow to the skin is likely to make a pregnant woman feel warmer and perhaps sweat more, particularly in her hands and feet. For many women, the warmth may even be a welcome reassurance, and the extra blood flow is also responsible for the lovely “pregnancy glow” some women experience.

But what if the extra warmth is uncomfortable or inconvenient? In that case there may be something you can do to be more comfortable, reduce your body temperature – and enable you to enjoy your pregnancy. Cooling scarves worn around the neck, or tied as a wristband, gently and effectively cool the blood where it flows close to the surface.

Now, when your doctor tells you that your elevated temperature is normal and requires no treatment, you can keep the glow, but eliminate the discomfort.

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