8 tips for keeping cool in hot weather

Whether you’re in the middle of a heat wave, or on holiday in the sun, it’s important to keep as cool as you can. Here are some top tips:

1.  Drink plenty of fluids – water is good. If you can, try to avoid:

  • really sugary drinks – they cause the body to lose more body fluid
  • really cold drinks – you could get stomach cramps
  • alcohol – dehydrates the body
  • caffeine – increases the body’s metabolic heat

2.  Eat smaller meals more often. If you like chillies, indulge in some spicy food which makes you sweat and this helps the body cool down.

3.  Take a cool shower or bath.

4.  Head for the shade and a nice breeze.

5.  Slow down and try not to do strenuous activity.

6.  Wear lightweight, loose-fitting clothes.

7.  Find a fan or a room with air conditioning.

8.  And last but not least – wear a cooling scarf. Koolabanda cooling scarves contain high purity water absorbing polymer crystals. Soak the scarf in cold water for 3-5 minutes and the crystals form a cool gel. Wrap the koolabanda around your neck or wrist where blood flows to the body and you can experience the body cooling effects for up to eight hours. It’s like magic.

Buy your own koolabanda cooling scarf now, and stay cool this summer.

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