Keep cool with a Koolabanda Cooling Bandana

cooling-bandanaThe Koolabanda Cooling Bandana is essential when you’re at risk of getting too hot. It’s really easy to wear, and comfortable too. It can be worn around the neck, around the head or around the wrist – the most effective places for helping the body cool down.

We often refer to the Koolabanda as a cooling scarf – but calling it a cooling bandana may be just as accurate:

According to the Oxford Dictionary, a bandana is: a large coloured handkerchief, typically with white spots, worn tied around the head or neck.

Well the Koolabanda bandanas we’re currently selling don’t have white spots on them, but they can certainly be worn tied around the head or neck!

So be COOL in more ways than one – buy a Koolabanda now and wear your own cooling bandana.

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