How to keep cool with a Koolabanda

Wearing a koolabandaTop athletes work out how to keep cool right from the start, while most of us tend look for a way to cool down only after we become hot and uncomfortable. But we all perform best when our body temperature is in the optimum range, so body cooling helps us to think better and work better too.

During the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games, the conditions were hot and humid. It was Nike know-how that enabled many athletes to keep cool before events, using specially made jackets with gel-filled linings. The same technique is available to you now in Koolabanda’s cooling scarves.

Crystals inside the Koolabanda lining are turned into a gel when soaked in water. Over time, the gel slowly returns to its crystalline state, absorbing heat from its surroundings as it does so. You get a cooling effect for as long as this process continues. The result: you get to keep cool for as long as the effect lasts. A wet cloth can bring temporary relief, before it dries out and becomes ineffective, but with the gel inside our special scarves or bandanas you can experience the body cooling effects for up to eight hours.

Koolabandas contain non-toxic, high purity water absorbing polymer crystals. Soak the band in cold water for 3-5 minutes and the crystals form a cool gel. It’s like magic.

You wear a Koolabanda round your neck or forehead and it works in conjunction with your body’s natural cooling system to help you cool down faster and for longer. When it is round your neck, it helps to cool the blood flowing to and from the brain. This blood then goes cooling the rest of your body, helping to reduce heart rate and stress.  Find out more about how to use your Koolabanda neck cooler to cool down in comfort.

Discover the secret of body cooling for yourself by buying your own cooling clothing online and improve your comfort and performance.