Staying cool for health and wellbeing

Wear for your health

Staying cool and healthy with a koolabanda cooling scarf

Warm weather can sometimes bring some distress, especially for suffers from conditions such as Multiple Sclerosis (MS). An estimated 60–80% of MS patients experience temporary worsening of their symptoms with heat exposure. Even small increases – as little as 0.5ºF – in core body temperature can increase symptoms, but fortunately the symptoms are generally quickly reversed when the body temperature returns to normal. A Koolabanda cooling scarf may help here, cooling the blood to bring relief to areas which are affected by MS heat discomfort.

Wear during pregnancy

During pregnancy the core body temperature may be almost a degree warmer than that of a woman who is not pregnant. The temperature rise is perfectly normal, and it happens because pregnancy requires dramatic changes in blood flow. In fact, by the time a woman is near term in her pregnancy, the blood flow through her uterine artery has tripled in volume. The extra blood flow boosts body metabolism and creates more body heat. Although this extra blood flow can result in the healthy glow associated with pregnancy, it is not necessarily comfortable, especially in the summer months!

A Koolabanda cooling scarf worn around the wrists or neck can help by gently cooling the blood where it flows close to the skin and thus making pregnancy a little easier.

Wear during the menopause

If you experience hot flushes during the menopause you will know that cooling down quickly is imperative! Hot flushes are uncomfortable, distressing and can disturb that all important night’s sleep. Medical practitioners advise women going through the menopause to make simple lifestyle changes to help them cope with the changes in their body. Wearing a Koolabanda cooling scarf can help with the night sweats and hot flushes and make life more pleasant during menopause.

Wear for your general well being

If it’s been a long day and you have an almighty headache then pop on a Koolabanda cooling scarf and sit back for a while. We will (almost) guarantee instant relaxation!

So if you want to keep cool in summer, seek relief from hot flushes or need body cooling for any reason, cool down with a Koolabanda scarf. They’re available now from our shop in a colour to suit you.