Staying cool during sport

Stay cool when playing sport with a koolabanda cooling bandanaIf you are professional sportsperson or simply play sport for your own enjoyment, you know that hot weather can play havoc with your performance.

The human body generates a great deal of heat when we are active and much of the energy we burn is wasted as excess heat. In cold weather that’s obviously a good thing as it keeps us warm. It’s in hot weather the trouble may start, if we don’t shed enough heat there is an increased danger of hyperthermia which may result in heat stroke or death. Hopefully it will never be quite that serious for most of us but hot weather can cause real discomfort, make those races seem harder than they should be or that tennis match require more effort.

Your body can cool itself to a certain degree, especially if you bare some skin, walk a little or sit in the shade to cool down. But if you are running your first ultramarathon or your local parkrun or are in the middle of a football tournament that may not be an option.

Wearing a Koolabanda cooling scarf or bandana while you are racing, competing or training hard will help you cool down, feel calmer and more collected and may just help you to a PB or tournament victory!

So if you want to perform at your best when competing in the heat then cool down with a Koolabanda scarf. They’re available now from our shop in a colour to suit you.